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GreenCoinX - Government

GreenCoinX Inc is ready, willing and able to co-operate with all government entities in any jurisdiction worldwide to smoothly facilitate the collections of taxes related to transactions that use GreenCoinX.

GreenCoinX is flexible and modifiable such that each government can decide what identification rules they require for a GreenCoinX transaction and what country specific taxes should be attached to each transaction. Additional parameters can be added on an as needed basis depending on the requirements of each country.

We encourage all governments to contact us so that we can facilitate your parameters, by completing the following form.

Register with us

Register your department with XGC. Collect fees, payments, automated regular transactions. Your department will be verified and users will be able to send you transactions via your email, contact number, or through the standard long code.

Know your nations users

Account for all the identified users on XGC within your nation. Formulate economic plans, account for businesses and individuals, un-thought of analytical possibilities for financial departments.

Set financial guidelines

Enable automated financial sanctions. Design specific guidelines for your nations financial planning that our developers can integrate for your country.

Collect automated taxes

Set taxation levels for individuals and businesses. Allow your department (if authorized) to collect automated financial taxes. All tax collection can be viewed via the public XGC block chain for verification by individuals, businesses or government.

Digital law enforcement

Identified recipients are easy to trace via email, phone, or IP address. The ability to easily track financial crime through the XGC network will assist your law enforcement like nothing before.

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