GreenCoinX Inc is a Toronto, Canada based software development company that has developed XGC a unique crypto currency featuring digital identification. There is no guarantee that XGC will be utilized and if utilized will be successful. GreenCoinX Inc is an 80% subsidiary of GreenBank Capital Inc, a public company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under symbol GBC. Securities regulatory authorities in Canada, including the Ontario Securities Commission, have yet to determine the impact of an investment product that invests in crypto currencies, including whether or not crypto currencies constitute a suitable asset class for retail investors. The introduction of the GreenCoinX crypto currency on the market may or may not require an investment manager registration or a dealer registration, and if required there is no guarantee that such registration applications would be granted. GreenBank Capital Inc has yet to determine if such registration is required. GreenBank Capital Inc has previously filed on Sedar on March 27, 2014 a Material Change Report containing disclosures with regard to the risk of investing in crypto currencies, and on June 11, 2014 a further Material Change Report adding to such risk disclosures with respect to GreenCoinX (previously known as GreenCoin). The Material Change Reports containing these risk disclosures are available on GreenBank's company profile at www.sedar.com